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TNS uzsāk jaunu pētniecības projektu CREATIVE MINDS PANEL

17.10.2005. Vadošais tirgus informācijas speciālists TNS ir izveidojis pasaulē pirmo interneta paneli Creative Minds, kura respondenti no vairākām Eiropas valstīm specializējušies dažādās jomās, ieskaitot jaunu ideju radīšanu produktu attīstībai un tirgus inovāciju.


Reinforcing the importance of online panel research to TNS’ growth plans in Europe

London, UK - Leading market information specialist, TNS, today launches the world’s first multi-country, online Creative Minds access panel. The panel will consist of respondents specialising in a broad range of areas including the generation of ideas for new product development (NPD) and market innovation.

Working with Lex Higgins Ph.D., University of Colorado and Professor Clive Nancarrow, Bristol Business School, TNS has developed a validated model which classifies people into different personality types – Intuitive Creatives (those who prefer unstructured tasks) and Analytic Creatives (those who prefer to work through tasks in a step by step process). The research shows that both Intuitives and Analytics generate, on average, 41 per cent more ideas than those who are neither Intuitive nor Analytic (the Moderate group). Moderates comprise more than 75 per cent of the adult population.

Creative Minds is the second 6thdimension sub panel to be launched by TNS following the announcement of the Sports sub panel last month. The 6thdimension access panel comprises some 500,000 people across six European countries - France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. It provides clients with access to a representative sample of respondents which can be grouped according to specific demographic profiles, enabling niche target audiences to be easily reached.

Martin Oxley, Managing Director, TNS European Access Panel, comments: “To date online research has been used as an alternative method to more traditional phone-based and face-to-face research techniques. However, the unique ability of online access panels means we have moved onto the second rung of internet research – the ability to conduct studies which were not possible in the past. The 6thdimension Creative Minds panel is an excellent example of pushing the boundaries of research into new areas and applications, adding another dimension to access panel research.”

Lex Higgins Ph.D., Director, the Center for Research on Creativity and Innovation, University of Colorado said: "Providing clients with access to a ready-made panel of creative thinkers is a major development. A panel of this nature would typically take academic researchers weeks or even months to recruit and TNS has been able to create and maintain a commercially viable panel on a European scale. “Both intuitive and analytic minds are able to generate a large number of creative ideas: a process vital to new product development. Offering clients a way to harness this creativity through systematic identification, evaluation and recruiting of participants offers highly significant potential for market innovation moving forward.”

Martin Oxley continues: “The launch of 6thdimension Creative Minds has been very well received. We are now in a position where tailored research can be undertaken for clients quickly, without the cost of having to develop a bespoke sample for a oneoff project. With 6thdimension Creative Minds, clients can access the most creative and appropriate minds for the job and it has been shown to be a highly effective platform for new product development research. The panel to date has yielded some very interesting results and we are excited about officially bringing the panel to market and running some cutting-edge studies.”

About 6th dimension:
6h dimension gives TNS clients access to more than half a million panellists across six countries: France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. As well as turnaround times significantly shorter than conventional research methods, 6th dimension provides clients with enhanced cross-market consistency in data collection and analysis.

About TNS:
TNS is a leading global provider of market information. We collect, analyse and interpret information to help our clients better understand the needs and wants of their customers. We provide research, advice and insight on market segmentation, advertising and communications, new product development, brand performance and stakeholder management. We are also one of the leading providers of social and political polling. From our global network, which spans 70 countries, we provide local expertise and knowledge, together with internationally consistent information and analysis to multi-national organisations.

TNS is listed on the London Stock Exchange (TNN). Further information on TNS can be found on

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