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At least 78% of the Latvian population have listened to the radio at least once a week during this spring

Riga, June 4, 2013 - Research agency TNS has summarized the data of the latest regular radio audience survey The National Media Survey: Radio. Spring 2013.

Radio listening in Latvia

The latest results of the survey evidence that 78% of the inhabitants of Latvia aged from 12 to 74 have listened to the radio at least once a week during the spring of 2013 that makes 2 per cent points less than in winter. During the spring period, 59% of the surveyed age group have listened to the radio at least once a day.

The results of TNS’s regular radio listenership survey show in this spring that one radio listener has listened in the radio 268 minutes or 4 hours and 28 minutes in average. It is for 3 minutes less than in winter.

In comparison to the winter, the situation with three most listened Latvian radio stations has not changed in the list of the top stations during the spring according to the share of the listening time. The first most listened radio station is „Latvijas Radio 2” like before; 22.7% of all time devoted to the listening of the radio belongs to it. The second place is taken by the radio station „Latvijas Radio 1”; its share of all listening time is 11.3%. The third place is taken by the radio station „Radio Skonto” by 9.9% of the listening time.

Except the mentioned ones, the following radio stations were among the most listened during the period Spring, 2013: „Latvijas Radio 4” (5.9%), „Radio SWH” (5.3%), „Star FM” (4.5%), „EHR (Eiropas hitu radio)” (4.4%), „TOP Radio” (3.6%), „Hiti Rossii / Russkoje Radio” (3.6%) and „SWH+” (3.5%).

Signe Hokonena, senior client manager of TNS media surveys points out that the top of radio stations has remained the same according to its total weekly listenership. Radio station „Latvijas radio 2” has attracted the largest part of the total number of listeners in Latvia this spring, as well as during the last winter period: 22.8% or 404 thousand inhabitants of Latvia aged 12 to 74 have listened to it at least once a week. Radio station „Radio Skonto” takes the second place by 16.9% or 299 thousand listeners, while the third place is taken by radio station „Latvijas Radio 1” with 14.4% or 255 thousand listeners during the spring period.

Reach (000) – the total weekly number of the radio station listeners, thousands
Reach % – the total number of the radio station listeners, average of a week in per cent

Radio stations included in the survey

The national broadcasting radio stations

Latvijas Kristīgais radio, Latvijas Radio 1, Latvijas Radio 2, Latvijas Radio 3, Latvijas Radio 4, Radio SWH, Star FM, Super FM, EHR (Eiropas hitu radio).

Radio stations of Riga

AUTORADIO, BBC World Service, Capital FM, EUROPA PLUS 99.5 FM, Jumor FM 88.6, Hiti Rossii / Krievijas hiti, Radio 101, Radio Baltkom, Radio Merkurs, Radio MIX FM 102.7, Radio NABA, Radio PIK 100 FM, Radio Skonto, Radio Valmiera, RETRO FM, RĪGA RADIO 94.5 FM, SPIN FM, SWH +, SWH Rock, TOP Radio.

Regional radio stations

City Radio, Divu krastu radio, Jekabpils radio 1, Kurzemes radio, Latgales radio, Radio ALISE PLUS (Russkoe Muzikaljnoe Radio), Radio Ef – Ei, Radio Jurmala, Radio Kraslavas Pulss (AUTORADIO in Latgale), Radio Saldus, Radio Sigulda, Rietumu radio, SWH+ Daugavpils.

About the survey

The market research agency TNS carried out The National Media Survey: Radio, Spring, 2013 in the period from 4 February, 2013 to 12 May, 2013. 2052 respondents – the inhabitants of Latvia –aged 12 to 74 from the whole territory of the country were filling their radio diaries during the period of one week.

About TNS in Latvia

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TNS in Latvia together with TNS companies in Lithuania and Estonia form the largest market and social research centre in the Baltic States.
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