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The Baltic advertising market grew by 1.2% in 2012

Riga, March 26, 2013 - The research agency TNS in cooperation with LRA in Latvia and TNS companies in Estonia and Lithuania has aggregated information about the growth of the advertising market in the Baltic countries in 2012. The survey shows that the Baltic advertising market grew by 1.2% last year compared to 2011.

Thus in 2012, the amount of the Baltic media advertising market reached 242.7 million euros. In 2012, the media advertising market in Lithuania grew by 0.7% compared to 2011 and reached 99.4 million euros (343.1 million lits). In Estonia the advertising market in 2012 was 72.5 million euros. It increased by 0.3% compared to 2011. In Latvia the media advertising market reached 70.9 million euros (49.8 million lats), which was by 3% more than in 2011.

When analysing the proportion of the advertising market versus the gross domestic product (GDP) it is obvious that the front-runner in the Baltic States in 2012, as usual, was Estonia with 0.43%. In Latvia this rate was 0.32%, while in Lithuania – 0.3%. The proportion of the advertising market in all the Baltic countries versus GDP had declined compared to 2011.

Considering the growth of the Baltic advertising market according to advertising investments per capita in 2012, Latvia with its 34.7 euros and Lithuania with its 33 euros per capita ranked below the average Baltic level. In Estonia this rate was the highest among the Baltic countries. In 2012, it reached 54.1 euros per capita. These rates are the highest in all the Baltic countries since 2008.

Changes of advertising volumes in media groups in the Baltic countries

The total volume of TV advertising in the Baltic countries constituted 101.8 million euros. Though in 2012 advertising in Baltic newspapers faced a decline of 5.6% compared to 2011, this media group with 42 million euros was still a second largest media according to investments in advertising. The total volume of advertising on the Internet in the Baltic states increased by 12.6% reaching 32.8 million euros. The total volume of radio advertising was 22.6 million euros, i.e. by 1.8% more than in 2011. The total of magazine advertising increased by 2.6% and reached 21.9 million euros. The volume of outdoor advertising in the Baltic countries decreased by 1.1% and was 20.8 million euros. Investments in cinema advertising were 700 thousand euros which was by 17.7% more than in 2011 (data about cinema advertising in Estonia were not available).

Market shares of the Baltic media advertising

In 2012, TV commercials had the largest advertising market share: 42% - similar to 2011. The market share of newspaper advertising was the second largest with 17% which was by 2 percentage points less than in 2011. But the market share of Internet advertising had increased by 2 percentage points since 2011 and reached 14% in 2012. In 2011, the market shares of radio, magazine and outdoor advertising in the Baltic countries were 9% each. They had not changed compared to 2011. The market share of cinema advertising was 0.3% of the media advertising.

The Senior Client Manager at TNS Latvia Advertising Register Oskars Rumpēters comments: “For the first time since 2006 in Latvia we have registered the highest increase of the advertising market in the Baltic countries reaching +3%. The three countries have a long way to go to reach the apex of 2008, however, since last year, Lithuania and Estonia have gone beyond the lowest level of the crisis which they faced in 2009. It is expected that Latvia will be able to exceed this threshold next year.

In 2012, the highest increase in the Baltic countries was ensured by advertising on the Internet: +3.7 million euros or the increase by 12.6%. The amount of advertising in newspapers continues decreasing in all the Baltic States. It dropped by 2.5 million euros or by 5.6%. The situation regarding newspapers is better in Estonia where their market share is 26.8% with the decline of just 1.8%, but the amount of newspaper advertising in Latvia has fallen most rapidly – by 900 thousand euros (-12.7%) and consequently the market share decreased to 9%.”

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