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Turnover of Estonian Media Advertising Market in 2010 first half year was 512 million EEK

Tallinn (Estonia), August 23, 2010 - Based on TNS Emor advertising expenditure monitor AdEx the turnover of Estonian media advertising market was 294 million EEK in the second quarter of 2010. Compared to the same period last year when the total turnover was 318 million EEK, the market dropped by 8 %.

We may say, that in general the downfall of advertising market has stopped since the turnover of last year included advertising for European Parliament election and election to local government councils. The volume of both elections’ advertising has been almost fully replaced by commercial advertising.

In spite of that print media still continues to fall – compared to the QII last year, magazines and newspapers have taken the biggest fall - -23 % and -17 % correspondingly. The decline has been somewhat smaller in outdoor media (-11 %) and in raadio (-7 %). TV advertising market has almost reached the same level than last year (-1 %) and internet advertising is the first one to show growing trend (13 %) on the market that has been moving in negative direction for the past two years.

The market continues to change also regarding the shares of different media types – the share of print media has dropped from 47 % down to 36 % in two years, the share of TV has grown from 27 % to 32 % taking the leading position for the first time.

Source: TNS Emor advertising expenditure monitor Adex

The biggest advertisers in the first half year in 2010 were similar to the ones in the first half year of 2009: EMT and Tele2 Eesti. When last year Procter&Gamble, who has been the usual leader of the top, was only on the 5th position, then now it has started to work its way back. Two last positions in the top five were occupied by retail chain Rimi Baltic and sms-loan company Placet Group.

Most advertised sectors are led by mobile and retail. Compared to the same period last year, construction materials have entered the top 10, which was obviously supported by the launch campaign of Bauhaus in spring which triggered the overall activity by other construction material stores. As expected, social organizations, including parties, cannot be found in top 10 anymore.

The overview is based on daily TNS Emor AdEx monitoring, where print and television data is collected and coded by specialists. Total of 44 newspapers, 57 magazines and 10 tv channels are included. Data about other medias is received by media channel owners. The data is calculated based on official price lists in order to give more accurate estimation about market size and trends.

TNS Emor has been monitoring Estonian media advertising market daily since 1994.


Külli Esko
TNS Emor media department manager

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