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In Estonia companies in the field of infrastructure, tourism and finance sector are most preferred as employers

Tallinn (Estonia), June 16, 2009 - Every tenth salary earner out of all employees in Estonia prefers to work in infrastructure, tourism or finance sector company, shows TNS Emor Employer Image Survey. Compared to 2008 the share of finance sector preferers has dropped.

Eesti Energia and EMT are considered to be the companies with best employer image as the biggest share of people would be ready to apply to those companies for work. Again, compared to the last year several companies have changed positions in that top.

While a year ago every third of 15-34 year olds wanted to work only in private sector then now about half of the target group is ready to work either in private or public sector. Out of older employees 40 % would prefer public sector. Compared to last year more people in that age group prefer public sector now.

In the eyes of employees the main benefits of the job in the public sector are the various training opportunities and better care for employees during hard times. Somewhat higher salary level was seen as the advantage of private sector.

“Economic downturn and growing unemployment influences the employees’ expectations and attitudes towards employers and work significantly,” said Ülle Pärnoja, Manager of Personnel Studies in TNS Emor. “This can be seen in the top list of preferred companies – preference towards bigger and stable companies has grown – as well as in changed expectations. Today employees don’t dream about additional benefits, it is more important that management makes competent decisions, which guarantee continuity of the company and spare staff as much as possible. Also personnel researches in different companies show that employees’ attitudes and expectations differ from what they were a year ago”.

Within the framework of Employer Image Survey the topic of labour costs was researched among decision makers i.e. top managers as well. The results show that due to the economic downturn 35 % of Estonian enterprises have cut the staff costs in one or another way. Approximately the same share considers it very likely in the near future. In order to keep the job every second employee is ready to accept part-time job and/or temporary salary cuts.

TNS Emor also conducted a similar survey among specialists entering the labour market i.e. university students majoring in different sciences and technical subjects. Compared to respondents, who are already employed, bigger share of students prefers to work in private sector. They see this sector in a more positive way – work is more interesting, environment is more open and salaries higher. The biggest share of university students would like to work in telecommunication companies – EMT, Elion Enterprises and Skype are the most popular choices. Regarding labour costs the biggest share of students have experienced part-time job...

TNS Employer Image Survey was conducted in April-May 2009. With a nation-wide representative sample the opinions and preferences of 400 employed workers were mapped.
From nine bigger universities 625 university students majoring in economics, sciences and technical subjects took part in students’ survey.
Within the framework of Decision Makers’ Omnibus survey 451 top managers were interviewed in March 2009.


Ülle Pärnoja
TNS Emor Manager of Personnel Studies

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