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33 % of the Latvian Population Remain Optimistic about Improvements in their Financial Position within the Next Two Years

Riga, December 18, 2008 - Media, market and social research agency TNS Latvia has summarised the results of the regular consumption survey TNS AtlasTM which was conducted in autumn 2008.

In autumn 2008, the regular consumption survey TNS AtlasTM was focused on different consumption-related topics – starting from what are the habits of the Latvian population as regards consumption of different products (food, household items, etc.) to how respondents assess the current financial situation. The survey results allow us to have a close look also at general topics related to the consumption habits of the population, for example, as regards visiting shopping places, spending vacation, etc.. Besides, the survey revealed the awareness and use of more than 1,300 brands, as well as the attitudes of the population towards them.

Assessment of the Financial Position and Prospects in the Future

Similarly to the survey of spring 2008, the results of TNS AtlasTM survey in autumn revealed the assessment of the financial position of the Latvian population and its prospects in the near future. According to the obtained results, 12 % of the Latvian population at the age of 15 to 74 regard their financial position as good, while almost 2/3 or 58 % of respondents think that their current financial position is satisfactory, and 28 % of respondents say that today they are in a bad financial situation. If we compare the assessment of the financial situation in spring and autumn, we must say that the situation has remained stable: in spring, 13 % of respondents said they were in a good financial situation which is just 1 % more than in autumn, and 25 % of respondents approved they were in a bad financial situation which is 3 percentage points less if compared to autumn.

No doubt, both the Latvian population and entrepreneurs are interested not only in the current situation but also the future prospects. Therefore within the framework of TNS AtlasTM survey, respondents were asked to tell what they think about their family financial prospects in the next two years. According to the results of the latest survey, 33 % of respondents think that their family financial position will improve within the next two years, and a little more or 38 % say their financial situation will not change, while 27 % of the Latvian population at the age of 15 to 74 predict the situation will worsen in the next two years. If we compare the Latvian respondents’ predictions in spring and autumn, we must conclude that people have become more pessimistic about the future, however the positive thing is that 1/3 of the population are still positive-minded.

About the survey

TNS AtlasTM Autumn 2008 consumption survey was conducted by media, market and social research agency TNS Latvia during the period between 4 August and 26 October 2008. Questionnaires were filled in throughout Latvia by 1,171 respondents – residents of Latvia at the age of 15 to 74.

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