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TNS Latvia expands the TV auditorium research panel to more than 1000 respondents

Riga, October 17, 2007 - At the beginning of this year, through consultations and cooperation with market participants, the media, market, and social research agency - TNS Latvia - made a decision to invest into purchase of additional 100 pieces of the new generation TV Metrs “Mitronmeter” and, accordingly to availability of digital TV in Latvia (~10 %) – also 10 "Frame Grabber” devices (special equipment for recognition of digital TV signal in TV audience studies), thus increasing the TV audience research panel by ~25 %.

At the end of June, the ordered TV Metrs were received and in July installations thereof were initiated in more than 60 households across Latvia. At this time, TNS Latvia has completed the installation process of the above-mentioned additional TV Metres, and now, in the panel of the TV audience research, ensured is continuous participation of 375 households with more than 1000 respondents of over 4 years of age. Thus, the panel for Latvia’s TV audience research is now the greatest in the Baltics and ensures its clients with even better research results, as well as with an opportunity to analyse much narrower target groups than before.

Mārtiņš Traubergs, the Senior Project Manager of TNS Latvia TV audience researches states: “We are satisfied with the achieved results. Latvia is not only the first amongst the Baltic States, which initiated the TV audience studies with electronic devices – TV Metrs in year 1999, but also the first to start the digital TV signal measurements with the special “Frame Grabber” equipment in year 2005, as well as the first, which included recording data from all TV sets operating in the household in the research results, not just the two most-viewed sets, as it used to be before the beginning of this year. We carefully follow the market development trends. By introduction of digital television with a broader range of channels, the audience is fragmented to niche channels, therefore it was important to increase the number of the existing research participants. At this time, the number of respondents is adequate for analysing such cable and satellite channel audiences, which are oriented to narrower target groups.”

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TNS Latvia is the leading full service media, market and social research agency. We offer our clients a wide range of research types such as consumer opinion survey, company's reputation and staff satisfaction evaluation, brand recognition and brand image study, product tests, mystery shopping, as well as media (TV, radio, press, Internet) audience research performed to international standards, information on and analysis of media usage habits and advertising volumes.

TNS Latvia together with TNS companies in Lithuania and Estonia form the largest market and social research centre in the Baltic States.
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