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Baltic media advertising market increased 21 % in 2006

Riga, March 23, 2007 - TNS Latvia - media, market and public opinion research agency owned by one of the world’s leading market information groups - TNS , in cooperation with TNS companies in Estonia – TNS Emor, and in Lithuania – TNS Gallup, has summed up data on growth of the advertising market in the Baltic States in 2006, and the latest research shows that the Baltic States’ advertising market increased 21 percent as compared to 2005.

Thus, total advertising market volume in the Baltic States’ media in 2006 , as grounded by the results of the research performed by TNS, reached 319.5 million euro . Respectively by countries – Estonian advertising market volume in 2006 was 86.6 million euro (i.e. 1355 million EEK), while in Lithuania it made 124.7 million euro (430.1 million LTL). In Latvia advertising market volume reached 108.2 million euro or 76.01 million lats.

In terms of the advertising market ratio against the GDP Latvia was the leader among the Baltic States with 0.67 %, while in Lithuanian and Estonian indicator made 0.52 % and 0.66 % respectively.

Regarding growth of the Baltic States’ advertising market by advertising investments per capita , Latvia reached a strong above-average level among the Baltic States with LVL 33 or EUR 47 (in 2005 – EUR 37), which made EUR 45 per capita. Whereas in Lithuania investments reached EUR 37 (in 2005 – EUR 31) per capita, but in Estonia – EUR 64 (in 2005 – EUR 54).

The head of TNS Latvia media researches Ginta Krivma pointed out that compared to other European countries Latvia was among the most rapidly growing countries of “the new Europe” also in 2006. The advertising market dynamics in the countries of „the old Europe” was different, but mainly not too fast –ranging from even 1,8 % in United Kingdom (Germany +2,9 %, Finland +3,7 %, Italy +5,1 %, Denmark +9,9 %, France +10,7 %, Spain +12,7 %) to +17 % in Sweden. Russia finished with a little slowdown of advertising market from 28 % in 2005 to ~22 % in 2006.

At the same time, the “new” European countries  are continuing with rapid development – from +7 % in Hungary (Czech +12 %, Bulgaria +15 %, Poland +18, Slovakia +19 %) to even +29 % in Rumania. Thus, compared to the global advertising market growth forecasts of +5 %, the Latvian result of 5 times more rapid growth rate means the positive and promising perspective for advertising market participants.

Increase in advertising volume

Comparing the results of the years 2006 and 2005, the most rapid increase in advertising volume in the Baltic States was observed in the Internet (+76,3 %) reaching 12,4 million euro. Outdoor advertising claimed the second spot at 38,3 % of advertising volume increase and the market of 23,3 million euro. While the third largest growth in advertising volume in the Baltic States was observed in magazines (+26,5 %), and thus made 41,2 million euro. These are followed by cinema advertising with 21,5 % increase in 2006 and advertising on TV with 21,2 % volume increase and respectively 115,9 million euro of the general advertising volume. In the Baltic States the radio advertising market grew by 16,6 % and made 27 million euro, while the news-paper advertising market increased by 12,6 % reaching 99 million euro.

Share of advertising volume by media groups

In 2006, similarly as in 2005, in the Baltic States the largest share of the total advertising volume went to TV advertising (36,3 %), the second largest rate of advertising volume was in news-papers (31 %), followed by advertising in magazines (12,9 %). The share of radio advertising market in the Baltic States made 8,4 %, while the outdoor advertising – 7,3 %, the Internet - 3,9 %, but cinema advertising – 0,2 %.

Categories and advertisers

In 2006, the mobile telecommunications companies were the biggest advertisers in the Baltic States, repeating the result of 2005.

There were no surprises regarding the most advertised categories in Latvia – mobile telecommunications took their traditional first spot, while the financial sphere was the second. The third place was taken by the domestic and hygiene goods, complying 1 spot since 2005. Automobile industry jumped up by three positions and ranked the fourth, but the fifths spot came out with no changes – retail trade. Among the most advertised TOP10 categories there were also concerts and festivals, pharmaceuticals, hair care goods, cold drinks and job offers.

In Estonia last year the most active advertisers were mobile telecommunications companies, automobile traders, retail traders, job offerers, concert and festival organizers, finance institutions, producers of pharmaceuticals, producers of alcoholic drinks, traders of property, closing with producers of furniture.

In 2006 in Lithuania the largest advertisers were the mobile telecommunications companies, producers of pharmaceuticals, suppliers of domestic and hygiene goods, producers of alcoholic drinks, retail traders, producers of hair care goods, producers of cold drinks, producers of sweets, traders of domestic appliances and telecommunications.

Last year atop advertiser in the Baltic States was Procter&Gamble.

In 2006, TOP10 of the biggest advertisers in Latvia involved both already traditional and new companies. The first spot went to Procter&Gamble, the second ranked TELE2 having jumped up by two positions. The third spot was maintained by - LMT, similarly as the 5th place by Reckit Benckieser. The greatest novelty in the top was Bite which in autumn of 2005 entered market with a large-scale advertising campaign (14th spot in 2005), and continued active advertising in 2006, thus ranking the 4th among the advertisers in 2006. TOP10 of the biggest advertisers in Latvia included also Coca-Cola HBC, L’oreal, Colgate–Palmolive, Maxima and Unilever.

The biggest advertisers in Estonia were Procter&Gamble, EMT, Tele2 Eesti, Hansapank, Rimi Baltic, Coca-Cola HBC, A-Selver, Elion Ettevotted, L’Oreal, as well as Reckitt Benckiser.

Lithuanian greatest advertisers were reported Procter&Gamble, Omnitel, Tele2, Reckitt Benckiser, Svyturys-Utenos alus, Berlin–Chemie, Bite, Danone Group, Coca-Cola and Palink.

In Estonia and Lithuania the rated advertising market research was carried out basing on the TNS Emor and TNS Gallup Advertising Monitoring Data. In Latvia, the data of media advertising market were acquired in 2006 in cooperation with LRA, as well as basing on the media monitoring performed by TNS Latvia Advertising Monitoring. The information source about advertising markets of other countries – TNS Media Intelligence.


Presentation: Baltic_Media_Advertising_Market_2006.pdf

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