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TNS Emor: Estonian media advertising market increased to 1,355 billion kroons

Tallin (Estonia), February 19, 2007 - The turnover of Estonian media advertising market reached 1,355 billion kroons in 2006. The increase compared to 2005 was 18 %.

In 2006, the predicted increase for the media advertising market was 12 %, which would have meant approximately 1 billion more than the 281 million ten years ago. In reality the increase was even bigger, the fourth quarter in 2006 alone contributing 415 million to the 1,355 billion.

Estonian media advertising market volumes in 2006 (turnover in mln kr and growth comparing with 2005)

Data source: TNS Emor advertising expenditure survey Adex

All media types had their share in the market growth and unlike previous years, we can say that the rate of increase by media types is relatively even, remaining between 16 and 25 %. As expected, internet turned out to be an exception, the advertising volumes increasing by 66 %.

The biggest advertiser of last year was Procter & Gamble, followed by EMT, Tele2 Eesti, Hansapank, Rimi Baltic, Coca-Cola, A-Selver, Elion Ettevõtted, L’Oreal, Reckitt-Benckiser and Elisa Mobile Communication Services.

Share of different media types in Estonian media market in 2006

Data source: TNS Emor advertising expenditure survey Adex


Külli Esko
TNS Emor
Project Manager

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