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Estonian media advertising market turnover close to a billion in nine months

Tallin (Estonia), December 7, 2006 - According to data from the TNS Emor advertising expenditure survey Adex, the turnover of the Estonian media advertising market was a total of 940 million kroons during the first nine months of this year.

The third quarter of the year made up 276 million of it. Compared to the same period last year, the turnover increased 19 %, incl. 17 % in the third quarter.

Same time last year we predicted that by the end of the year media advertising turnover would cross the one billion threshold. The increase rate of this year is so impressive that we can talk about this threshold already based on the results of the 9 first months.

Similarly to last year, the Estonian media advertising market has grown significantly each quarter; the quarterly increase rates have been 17 % or even more. Compared to the same time last year, the turnover from Internet advertising has increased the most - 72 %, already exceeding the total Internet advertising turnover of last year (40 million kroons in 2005). The increase has been above average also in case outdoor media and television inputs. In absolute values, television has gained the most because its initial volumes are many times bigger compared to Internet and outdoor media.

Estonian media advertising market volumes in nine months 2006 (turnover in mln kr and growth comparing with the same period in 2005)

The biggest advertiser in Estonia during the nine months of this year was as always Procter&Gamble, followed by EMT, Tele 2 Eesti, Hansapank, Coca-Cola, Rimi Baltic, A-Selver, Elion Ettevõtted and Reckitt-Benckiser.

The biggest input into media advertising turnover during the first three quarters was given by mobile communication, car, retail trade, concert-festival and job advertising, making up the total of approximately 27 % of the total advertising turnover.

The areas advertised the most in Estonian magazines were mobile communications, medications, facial and skin care products; in newspapers - job offers, cars, retail trade and real estate.

Compared to the 9 months in 2005, the shares of media types on the market have remained practically the same and there is no significant change predicted in their proportions. The share of Internet on the market has increased to 5 %, approaching its closes competitors - outdoor media and radio but Estonia will not undergo as radical changes as Great Britain anytime soon. Namely, according to their estimations, by the end of 2006 the share of Internet in Britain will fall behind the share of national newspapers by only one percent (10,5 % and 11,4 % correspondingly).

Share of different media types in Estonian media market the third quarter 2006

Elsewhere in the world the initial optimistic predictions concerning the increase in the media advertising market turnover have been reduced slightly (e.g. in Australia from 9,3 % to 4,7 %). In Estonia the situation is rather the opposite - today we dare to be even more optimistic when predicting the total growth for the year than the initial 15 %. Most likely the total annual growth will remain within the limits of 17-19 %, which means that the total market volume will be 1340 – 1360 million kroons.


Külli Esko
TNS Emor
Project Manager

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