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Baltic advertising market increased by 13 per cent  in 2005

08.03.2006.TNS Latvia, media, market and public opinion research agency owned by one of the world’s leading market information groups - TNS , in co-operation with TNS companies in Estonia - TNS Emor, and Lithuania – TNS Gallup, has summarised information on the growth of the advertising market in the Baltic countries in 2005, and the latest research shows that the Baltic advertising market has increased by 13 per cent compared to 2004.

According to the TNS research data , the total Baltic media advertising market in 2005 has reached 263.8 million euros .

The advertising market in Estonia has grown by 15 %, constituting 73.2 million euros (i.e. 1145 million EEK), while in Lithuania it has increased by 9 % adding up to 105.4 million euros (363.6 million LTL). At the same time, media advertising market in Latvia is estimated to have risen by 22 %, reaching 85.2 million euros or 59.8 million lats.

Thus, in 2005, advertising investments, at an average, was 37 EUR per capita in the Baltic countries (33 EUR in 2004), and respectively 54 EUR in Estonia, 31 EUR in Lithuania, and 37 EUR or 26 LVL in Latvia (32 EUR in 2004).

The largest increase in advertising volumes in the Baltic countries was observed in the Internet, where it has risen by 56 %, compared to 2004, and reached 7 million euros. The second largest increase, as regards advertising volumes in the Baltic countries, belongs to magazines – 14.6 %, reaching 32.6 million euros. It is followed by television with growth of 13.4 % and the total advertising volume of 95.6 million euros. Almost equal increase was observed in newspapers and outdoor advertising – respectively 11.2 % and 11.6 %, constituting 87.9 million euros for newspapers and 16.8 million euros for outdoor advertising. Radio advertising market in the Baltic countries in 2005 has risen by 7.1 % and constitutes 23.1 million euros.

Also in Latvia, the most rapid growth in advertising volumes, compared to the previous year, was observed in the Internet advertising - 74 %, reaching 2.2 million euros. In Estonia, the volume of the Internet advertising has grown by 35.5 %, reaching 2.5 million euros, while in Lithuania, it has risen by 73.9 %, reaching 2.3 million euros.
The second largest increase in the Latvian advertising market was observed in TV volumes, where it was 25 %, reaching 30.9 million euros. In Estonia, as regards this media category, increase of 22.1 % was observed (up to 19.8 million euros), while in Lithuania – 6.2 % (up to 44.9 million euros). 
In Latvia, the growth of 19 % was observed in newspaper (25.0 million euros) and radio (9.9 million euros) advertising volumes, while magazine advertising has increased by 17 % (11.3 million euros). In Estonia, newspaper advertising has grown by 14.4 % (32.2 million euros), and in Lithuania – by 6 % (30.7 million euros). At the same time, radio advertising in Estonia has risen by 3.9 % (5.8 million euros), and in Lithuania – by 2 % (7.4 million euros). Magazine advertising in both neighbouring countries has increased respectively by 16.4 % (Estonia, 8.5 million euros) and 15.8 % (Lithuania, 12.8 million euros). 
Increase was observed also in outdoor and cinema advertising volumes in Latvia, constituting 16 % for both media (outdoor – 5.3 million euros, cinema – 0.6 million euros). In Estonia, outdoor advertising has increased by 2.2 % (4.3 million euros), and in Lithuania – by 19 % (7.2 million euros).

The largest part of the total advertising volumes in the Baltic countries was constituted by TV advertising (36.3 %), while the second largest volume was observed in newspapers (33.3 %), followed by advertising in magazines (12.3 %). Radio advertising forms 8.8 % of the Baltic advertising market, while outdoor advertising – 6.4 %, the Internet – 2.7 %, and cinema advertising – 0.2 %.

In Latvia, the largest part of the total advertising volumes was constituted by TV advertising (36.3 %), while the second largest volume was observed in newspapers (29.3 %), followed by advertising in magazines (13.3 %). Radio advertising forms 11.6 % of the advertising market, while outdoor advertising and the Internet - respectively 6.2 % and 2.6 %.

Taking into account the corrections in registration of cinema advertising, this year may be regarded as the point of reference in comparing advertising volumes in the future. At the moment, cinema advertising is under 1 per cent of the total advertising market in Latvia.

Advertising volumes in information media in Latvia has increased by 8.6 % compared to 2004, and was 9 million euros or 6.3 million lats in 2005. At the same time, at least 0.12 million euros or almost 100 thousand lats were invested in indoor media in Latvia last year.

Branches and advertisers

The most active advertisers in Latvia in 2005 included mobile communications companies, financial institutions, electronic media, suppliers and retailers of domestic hygiene products. Medical and car dealers, as well as concert and festival organizers, manufacturers of food products and alcoholic beverages were lagging behind a little.

The last year’s TOP 10 largest advertisers in Latvia included Procter&Gamble, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, Modern Times Group, Tele2, Reckitt Benckiser, Coca-Cola HBC, Rimi, VP Market, Colgate–Palmolive, as well as Unilever. Bite, a newcomer in telecommunications market, ranked 14th by the volumes of advertising investments.

Top 10 advertisers in Latvia, 2005




Latvijas Mobilais Telefons


Modern Times Group




Reckitt Benckiser


Coca-Cola HBC




VP Market








Data source: TNS Latvia Adex, 2005

The most active advertisers in Lithuania were mobile communications companies, medical manufacturers, retailers, suppliers of domestic hygiene products, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, manufacturers of soft drinks, manufacturers of hair care products, sweet manufacturers, financial institutions and manufacturers of oral care products.

The largest advertisers in Lithuania included Procter&Gamble, Tele2, Omnitel, Bite, Reckitt Benckiser, VP Market, Švyterys-Utenos alus, Berlin–Chemie, Colgate–Palmolive, Danone Group.

The most active advertisers in Estonia were mobile communications companies, car dealers, retailers, recruiters, financial institutions, concert and festival organizers, medical manufacturers, manufacturers of alcoholic beverages, suppliers of domestic hygiene products and real estate sellers.

The largest advertisers in Estonia included Procter&Gamble, EMT, Hansapank, Rimi Baltic, Tele2, Coca-Cola HBC, A-Selver, Elisa Mobiilsineteedused, Reckitt Benckiser, L’Oreal.

In Latvia, similarly as in Estonia and Lithuania, the advertising market research was carried out on the basis of the TNS Adex media monitoring and information on the advertising market and its development trends.

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TNS Latvia is a full service market research company, which conducts media, market and public opinion research. We provide full complex of research services, using modern technologies and up-to-date software. The company offers complete range of qualitative and quantitative research services, as well as data gathering through desk research for obtaining vital marketing information for various types of customers.
Being one of the oldest and most well-established Latvian research companies, TNS Latvia is constantly improving the quality of its services and providing professional, reliable and advanced methods for obtaining the information necessary for making qualified marketing decisions.

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