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London, 8th August 2005. Sports Panel™ heralds a breakthrough in the arena of sports research. Using the Internet, the panel is the first pan European research product of its kind with an unmatched sample of 70,000 television sports fans. A speciality panel of the 6thdimension, the TNS European Access Panel, the service will provide a fast and effective method of talking to followers of over 15 different major sports.

Available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, the service provides access to both TV watchers and participants in all the major sports. Taking football as an example, the panel hosts 42,000 watchers across Europe. The real breakthrough is its scale and capability to research all sports with direct access to specific target groups, whether football, tennis, golf, motor racing or a host of other sports.

It has always been a challenge to find enough relevant consumers cost effectively. The panel goes a long way to addressing this problem, particularly in sports where participation levels are relatively low. 15 sports in each market have been defined so the hurdle of finding your target audience has been overcome. The sample on the Sports Panel are available to re-contacted thereby enabling the tracking of behaviour and opinion changes over time.

“This is an exciting development for TNSSport, it will allow us to provide clients with a service the market has struggled to provide to date. The development of the Internet in the last 10 years means all parts of the population are well represented even at a niche level. With this scale, it will certainly bring greater capability and understanding to the sports research business,” commented Richard Ames, Managing Director of TNSSport.


TNSSPORT is the world's leading sports research company providing information to over 300 rights holders and sponsors worldwide. Uniquely, TNSSPORT provide sports media analysis and market research to enable a complete understanding of the value and impact of sport. Further information on TNSSPORT can be found on

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TNS is one of the world's leading market information groups, providing market measurement, analysis, insight and advice in more than 110 countries. Working with national and multi-national organisations, we help our clients develop effective business strategies and enhance relationships with their customers. Further information on TNS can be found on

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