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The Baltic media advertising market grew by 14% in year 2002

17.06.2003.The volume of the Baltic media advertising market was 189 million EURO last year, which is 23 million EURO more than the year before.

Rapid growth of ad spending in the Baltic countries distinguishes our markets from the largest advertising markets in America and Europe, where a growth of a couple of percents has been achieved at tops or where the market volumes have even decreased in the last year. This reflects enterpreneurs' positive expectations towards the development of Baltic markets.

Lithuanian and Latvian advertising markets are larger by total volume, respectively 68 and 69 millions EURO was invested into media advertising in these markets last year.

Per capita advertising expenditure is on the contrary highest in Estonia, reaching 38 EURO per capita. In Latvia the expenditure was 29 EURO per capita and in Lithuania 19 EURO. These differences are starting to balance, as advertising volumes grew twice as fast in Latvia and Lithuania than in Estonia last year. In Estonia advertising expenditure grew by 8%, in Latvia the growth rate reached 14% and in Lithuania 18%.

The largest advertising media is print media. The share of newspapers on Baltic advertising market was 37% and the share of magazines was 12%. The share TV commercials was 34% of the total media advertising expenditure. In 2002 the share of TV advertising increased and the share of print advertising decreased a little. The share of radio advertising is 10%, outdoor accounts for 6% and Internet for 1% of the total advertising expenditure.

The data are based on advertising expenditure surveys conducted by TNS companies in the Baltics – TNS Emor in Estonia, TNS BMF in Latvia and TNS Gallup in Lithuania.

  Estonia Latvia Lithuania Baltic total
Total expenditure (mln EUR) 52 69,4 67,6 189
Growth 8% 14% 18% 14%
Per capita expenditure (EUR) 38 29 19 26
TV 24% 34% 41% 34%
Radio 10% 13% 8% 10%
Newspapers 45% 35% 32% 37%
Magazines 13% 12% 12% 12%
Outdoor 5% 5% 7% 6%
Internet 3% 1% 1% 1%
Cinema NA 1% 0,1% 0,4%

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