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Advertising market grows by 9 %

23.09.2002.In first half of 2002 advertising market grew by 9 % comparing with year before and has reached 17.9 million LVL (net). Note that in first half of 2001 there was advertising campaign for municipal election, but this year Saeima election campaign only begins now – so real growth in other sectors is even faster. In comparison with other Baltic states Latvian result is between 6 % growth in Estonia and prognosis of 10-15 % growth in Lithuania.

The most rapid growth of advertising income was for Internet and magazines; growth for TV and newspapers was in line with total market. Radio advertising market has grown down in total, although several commercial stations had rapid increase of revenue.

There were no significant changes in Top 10 of biggest advertisers. Procter & Gamble now is in first place, leaving leader of 2001 Colgate-Palmolive in second place. New advertiser in Top 10 is Hansabanka.

Political advertisement campaign has begun comparatively late – therefore there is no significant influence on first half a year results. But for September more than 1 million LVL advertising revenue is expected.

The sources for advertising market estimates are:

  • declared net income of media channels and
  • independent advertising expenditure monitoring of TNS BMF.

Information is approved by JIC of Latvia Advertising association .
Full presentation from press conference is here.


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