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IT and Internet usage in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Companies

The results of the survey on usage of IT and the Internet among Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian companies conducted by TNS Baltic Data House in spring 2002 are available now.

The results of the survey give an insight into the needs and developments of Estonian/ Latvian/ Lithuanian IT and Internet market. This information will help you to take decisions on IT and Internet questions.

The survey structure:

I part: Background information
  • Amount and types of PCs, purchasing intention of PCs;
  • Existence of IT team and its functions;
  • Volume and structure of IT budget in 2001 and 2002.
II part: IT
  • Awareness of IT companies;
  • Main IT partners;
  • Main local companies – hardware and software partners;
  • Satisfaction with IT partners, future plans;
  • Assessments to the image of IT partners;
  • Usage of software and servers and these purchasing intentions.
III part: Internet
  • Awareness of Internet Service Providers (ISP);
  • Availability of Internet connection in company, future plans, types of Internet connection;
  • ISPs that companies use, satisfaction with it, probability of changing it;
  • Assessments to the image of ISPs;
  • Main purposes of Internet usage;
  • Existence of homepage, its location and administration;
  • Existence of intranet and its development intention;
  • Integration of Internet/ intranet solutions with company’s business application software (finance application software, CRM, HR etc.), future plans;
  • Companies' interest towards ASP (software rent).


500 companies were interviewed in each country by interviewing the employee responsible for the IT-field. In all three countries, the Business Register was used for composing a sample. The companies are selected by random sampling. The general sample of the survey comprises all companies registered in Estonia/ Latvia/ Lithuania.


The survey was conducted by using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) method.


The data are presented in the form of the printed report including summarised main results and conclusions illustrated with graphs. According to your preference you can obtain:

  • Full report of results;
  • Report on one of the survey part:
    1. Background information and data on IT or,
    2. Background information and data on Internet;
  • Summary-report (does not include analysis on target groups).
It is possible to obtain the data of one, two or all three countries. Upon your request, an additional analysis on every covered topic is available. The results of the survey can be analysed in the breakdown of different characteristics (field of activity, region, number of employees, turnover and year of starting the business).


Purchasing the survey data, one copy of the report printout will be presented. The reports will be presented in English. It is also possible to receive the report in the PDF-format.

  Report on one country Report on three countries
Full report 1650 LVL 4090 LVL
Report on IT or Internet 865 LVL 2155 LVL
Summary report 505 LVL 1250 LVL

VAT (18%) will be added to price.

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