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The Baltic media market grew by 11% in 2001
07.03.2002. The market volume of the Baltic media market last year was 167 million EURO, which is by 17 million EURO larger than a year ago. This rapid growth is based on the increase of consumers' purchasing power and it reflects the growing attractiveness of the markets from the point of view of different enterprises.

Latvian advertising market has the biggest market volume, 61 million EURO were invested into media advertising last year there. The respective figure in Lithuania was 57 million and in Estonia 48 million EURO.

The highest advertising expenditure per capita last year was in Estonia - 35 EURO per capita. In Latvia the expenditure was 26 EURO per capita and in Lithuania 16 EURO. Compared to Slovenia, economically the most successful country in Central and Eastern Europe with advertising expenditure of 120 EURO per capita in 1999, there is a long way to go. In Germany the advertising expenditure in 1999 was 260 EURO per capita.

The most rapid growth in advertising expenditure took place in Latvia. In Latvia the expenditure grew by 14%, in Estonia it grew by 11% and in Lithuania by 6%.

The largest part of advertisements reaches the audience via print media. The share of newspapers in advertising expenditure was 39,5% and the share of magazines was 12,0%. The share of expenditure on TV commercials was 31,7% of the total advertising expenditure and radio accounts for 10,6%. The share of outdoor media is less than 5% and the Internet accounts only for 1% of the total advertising expenditure.

Comparing the three markets, Estonia has the largest share of print advertising; Latvia and Lithuania have a larger share of TV commercials.

The source of the above data is advertising expenditure monitoring Adex, which is conducted by companies belonging into international marketing research companies' chain TNS Baltic – TNS Emor (Estonia), TNS BMF (Latvia) and TNS Gallup (Lithuania).


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