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Stakeholder Management at TNS

TRI*M enables you to gain vital, ongoing information and insights about your relationships with stakeholders. TRI*M gives companies and their managers a high-powered, tailored system, so you can continuously measure, manage and monitor your relationships with the relevant stakeholder groups in your business, be it customers, employees, dealers or shareholders.

It can be used for both the company as a whole, as well as for individual departments, divisions and units.

TRI*M focuses upon five areas of a company’s performance which each have a corresponding ‘TRI*M Tool’:

■ Overall performance i.e. level of customer retention - the TRI*M Index offers a single number performance score. It shows where the company stands relative to its own goals and to its competitors worldwide.
■ The business situation in terms of levels of satisfaction and loyalty - the TRI*M Typology filters your customers or employees according to the relationship they have with your company so that you can gain an accurate picture of your customer base. It enables you to determine customer management strategies and exploit 'word of mouth' to support new customer acquisition.
■ Identifying the key drivers - the TRI*M Grid offers a key driver analysis so you can see what is motivating your stakeholders, where your hidden opportunities, as well as your weaknesses lie and where you could potentially be saving money so as to invest in the most impactful areas.
■ Strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition - TRI*M Competitive Analysis enables you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses within the context of your competition so you can identify the opportunities which will give you a real competitive advantage. It can also be used to compare different business units or product lines.
■ Switching patterns and profiling - TRI*M Conversion Model allows you to identify which of your customers are at risk of defecting by analysing their personal commitment to the brand. We can also show where the threat is coming from in terms of the competition as well as how non-users feel towards your brand or company. You can then gain an insight into the opportunities for customer acquisition, as well as profile customer segments, for increased targeting in terms of sales and marketing strategies.

In developing thousands of programmes for companies worldwide, we have also built an extensive benchmarking database with more than 5,000 studies from over 900 companies against which you can compare your results at a country and regional level, as well as by industry sector.

TRI*M is an exceptionally clear and actionable management information system. Each manager is provided with an individual report and action plan which allows them to monitor the results of their actions over time. In fact, TRI*M has proven to be so reliable as a continuous monitoring system, that many companies now use TRI*M as the basis for their reward and recognition schemes.

At TNS, we combine our expertise in Stakeholder Management with our sector strength to deliver you insights and solutions across our global network of 70 countries. And as the market leader in Stakeholder Management we are dedicated to being at the leading edge of developments in the industry.


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In year 2010 there is Significant Corporate Reputation Increase in the Bank Sector

Riga, January 19, 2011 - Research of Corporate Reputation in the bank sector performed by market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia discovers that in 2010 general corporate reputation of the bank sector in Latvia has considerably improved. Reputation has improved by 8 points, and currently the general reputation of the bank sector in Latvia is 36 points. It is assessed as an unexpectedly good development index of the sector’s corporate reputation, taking into account the international and local financial crashes suffered in the financial sector in 2008 and 2009.

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