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Segmenting consumers according to needs

Key to brand success

NeedScope System identifies the driving needs in your market, evaluating how well brands meet consumer needs so you can ensure that your products build strong consumer-brand relationships.

Why focus on needs?

If marketing is just satisfying needs, why is it so hard to get it right?
Because the needs that really drive consumers deeply routed and so hidden, that often the consumer won't even recognise them.

The world's most successful brands all have one thing in common - a strong relationship with their consumers. The key to developing a strong brand lies in its ability to truly identify and satisfy consumer needs.

How does NeedScope work?

Based on a proven psychological framework, NeedScope System uncovers the fundamental conscious and unconscious elements linking successful brands and their consumers. Using sophisticated projective techniques and proprietary desktop software; NeedScope is a powerful needs-based segmentation and brand positioning tool. A model that can be used across countries and categories, it delivers real insight into how to strengthen that vital consumer-brand relationship.

What are the benefits of NeedScope?

NeedScope gives you the competitive edge by not only revealing your consumers' functional and social needs, but also the deeper, more emotive needs which are the true drivers of brand choice; pinpointing where your brand sits in the market compared to your competitors; identifying consistencies and differences across countries and cultures; and creating a framework for your market and brand so that subsequent studies can 'talk to each other' for any ongoing strategic planning. NeedScope:
■  reveals not only the functional and social needs but the deeper emotive needs which are the true drivers of brand choice, and shows you how your brands are satisfying these
■  pinpoints where your brand sits in the market compared to your major competitors so you can develop a strategy to capitalise on its strengths and minimise its weaknesses
■  identifies consistencies as well as differences across countries and cultures so you can develop the most effective local branding strategies while maintaining international consistency
■  creates a framework for your market and brand so subsequent studies can 'talk to each other', providing a consistent currency for ongoing strategic planning


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