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TNS Latvia (TNS BMF) has carried out regular National Readership Survey of the media audience in Latvia since 1992. In the frame of this survey there have also been made surveys of internet and computer usage since 1997. The survey e - Track & e - Ratings consists of two parts:

e-Track – spread of Internet and computers,
e-Ratings – demography of Internet media audience.

Similar surveys are made in Lithuania and Estonia in the frame of TNS global network and data gathered in the result of these surveys are compared in all the Baltic countries.

Basic information gathered in the survey:

■ Frequency of computer and Internet usage
■ The number of computer and Internet users
■ Social demographic characteristics of computer and Internet users (sex, nationality, education, employment, personal income, social economic status of a family, a place of residence, region, age)
■ Dynamic number of computer and Internet users


■ The number of computer owners
■ Potential computer buyers
■ The main reason for computer purchasing
■ The number of Internet connections at home and their type 
■ Potential buyers of Internet connection
■ The chosen Internet service provider
■ The aim of Internet usage
■ The place of Internet usage
■ Interest on product and service buying or ordering at the e-shop


■ Internet pages visited most often
■ The total number of audience of Internet pages a day
■ The total number of audience of Internet pages a week
■ The total number of audience of Internet pages in half a year
■ Social demographic characteristics of visitors of Internet pages (sex, nationality, education, employment, personal income, social economic status of a family, a place of residence, region, age)

Results of the survey

Results of the survey are available at the program of data analysis Galileo that makes it possible to analyse data you are interested in at the definite target group. In order to view the results there is a program EasyFacts. There are results available on surveys in Latvia, in all the Baltic countries together or in each country separately.

The survey is also available for business people as well as to children.


Signe Hokonena
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The Internet is Most Often Used to Browse Social Networks

Riga, May 31, 2011 - As the number of Internet users continues to grow in Latvia, it becomes more and more interesting to find out what Latvian people do on the Internet and what their habits in digital environment are. TNS Latvia , market, social and media research agency has expanded the range of its surveys with a new one - TNS Latvia Digital . The objective of the survey is to find out habits of Latvian people at the age of 15 to 74 in digital environment. The information obtained from the survey provides an opportunity to choose the most effective digital marketing strategy for communication with both current and potential users of the brand.

Online News is now one of the UK's most "trusted" sources of information

London (UK), December 30, 2008 — Online news sites are now second only to recommendations from friends as the nation’s primary trusted source of information, according to new research unveiled today by TNS.

TNS Gallup: Internet usage in Lithuania

Vilnius (Lithuania), April 2, 2007 - TNS Gallup, media and market research agency, has gathered the results of the Internet audience for Winter, 2007 in Lithuania.

There are 730 000 internet users in Estonia

Tallin (Estonia), December 7, 2006 - According to TNS Emor e-track survey 60 % or 730 000 Estonian inhabitants aged 6-74 are using the internet.

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