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Satisfied customers defect. Unhappy ones don't.

Commitment is the answer

The Conversion Model is a psychological measure of human behaviour which gives you an in-depth understanding of what drives consumers and also offers actionable strategies for growing the brand.

Why is commitment TNS' measure?

To manage your brand effectively, you need to understand commitment. Why do some customers tell you they are extremely happy, and yet switch brands? Why do others who continually complain stay with you?

Traditional research methods like customer satisfaction and loyalty measures can't give marketers the answers to such behavioural paradoxes. Without an understanding of the way that people feel about your brand, you run the risk of adopting the wrong strategy.

That's why at TNS we use the Conversion Model™, the world's leading measure of commitment. Commitment is about the power and attachment your brand has in people's minds. It's about how strong your brand is. It's about how it compares to your competitors.

Why are committed consumers important to a brand?

■  They need less persuading to repurchase the brand
■  They are more resistant to competitive claims
■  They are less likely to accept alternatives when their usual brand is unavailable
■  They are less price sensitive than uncommitted consumers
■  They have more positive attitudes about "their" brand than uncommitted consumers
■  Commitment has been proven to be indicative of future behaviour

What are the benefits of the Conversion Model?

The Conversion Model™ helps marketers understand their consumer in terms of their commitment to the brand, providing information about how best to manage the relationship. It explains the paradoxes that other methods can't.

Validated worldwide in over 5,000 studies and used by over 90 multi-national in 100 countries, Conversion Model™ gives you the winning edge. It assesses your brand's overall position in its market; identifies its strengths and weaknesses; ascertains how other brands in your market compare; analyses the switching patterns amongst your users; and identifies the geographical and product categories which will be easiest for your brand to penetrate.


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