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The AdEval system is a suite of solutions designed to tell you whether your advertising's creative strategy and execution are working. It covers each stage of the development process from strategies and concepts through to storyboards, animatics and fully developed creative work.

Benefits of the AdEval system

■ AdEval is a proven system, validated using our global experience in over 9,000 tests 
■ The highly sensitive AdEval response scale is unique in that it focuses on both the rational and emotional aspects of advertising, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of both the strategic and creative elements of your campaigns
■ It offers powerful diagnostics to isolate and explain what is driving or inhibiting the effectiveness of your advertising
■ In addition, the scale is sensitive to brand user groups and can easily be combined with the Conversion Model™ for further segmentation and strategic targeting
■ It enables easy international comparisons across campaigns
■ It can target unique segments of the market - so for, example, if you are focusing on children we can offer AdEval Kids

Market-leading online capabilities

AdEval Online is ideal when time is of the essence. If the creative needs to be altered, you need to know quickly so that you have adequate time to take remedial action. Its major benefits include:

■  Rapid response times - once respondents have been contacted, results can be turned around in as little as five days
■  Cost-effective gathering of data

Screening at the early stages

You don't want to waste time and money developing an idea unless you're sure it's really worth it. So why not evaluate your ideas at the earliest opportunity and ensure you are optimising your limited resources and only developing the best ideas? That's where AdEval™ Idea (Workshop) can help.

AdEval Idea (Workshop) enables you to focus on the strength of your strategic ideas, so you can prioritise based on what really appeals to your customers. It is ideally suited to handling 'unstructured' ideas as it adopts a more 'workshop' oriented style. It also has a broad range of applications as it evaluate 'ideas', no matter what they are.

Developing advertising in line with strategic objectives

AdEval Concept sorts multiple concepts simultaneously as well as optimising fully developed concepts. It is particularly suited to more 'structured' advertising concepts and ensures your advertising is developed in line with your strategic objectives.

'Creating' the ultimate finished creative

AdEval Pre-test - ensures that concepts are translated into effective creative executions. It analyses fully developed advertising and identifies what creative elements need more emphasis to make sure your client's key messages are being communicated to greatest effect.


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